Van Kronenburg Autosport

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Van Kronenburg Autosport is specialized in the development, (re)building and tuning of high performance engines for a wide variety of applications. Van Kronenburg Autosport has an extensive range of specialized machinery to perform a wide variety of operations on engines. From repairing engines and gearboxes, to machining, honing and balancing engine parts, Van Kronenburg Autosport can do it all in their own workshop.

Besides the development, (re)build and tuning of high performance engines, Van Kronenburg Autosport also has a wide variety (3000+!!) of (new) engines in stock from many different manufacturers.

At the Van Kronenburg test facilities, engines up to 1300 BHP can be run-in, set-up and tested on our ‘Superflow’ engine dyno. Cars and motorcycles up to 1500 BHP can also be tested and tuned on our 4WD (2WD also possible) ‘Maha’ rolling road.